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The innovative and maintenance-free quality products of HA-CO have their use in a broad range and in a wide variety of applications.

If there is no perfect solution yet with our standard products, then we will find one. Inform yourself about sytsem solutions especially developed for your needs!

Our products prove themselves daily in many areas worldwide:

Engineering / Machine tools

HA-CO couplings find their use in engineering industry, because they comply high requirement criteria and qualtity standards. Therefore many producers recommend HA-CO (formerly Hafner engineering) with HA-CO products for years.

We guarantee ecological and economical result efficiency, precision and reliability in various applications: machine tools, printing machines, packaging machines, cunstruction machines, etc.



Servo drive technology

Our systems for drive technology have to satisfy diverse and technical demanding applications. Backlash-free servo couplings from HA-CO are successfully used in:

  • Linear Units
  • Automation
  • Robotic
  • Handling etc.

Aviation industry

In aerospace weight is often decisive for the selection criterion of machine components. At this point HA-CO wins with the production of couplings and machine elements of aluminum, platinum or synthetic material (Peek).



Medical technology

In medical technology the used technology has to ensure high performance and has to guarantee positive experience for users and also for medical experts. Here the mechanical components can make the difference.

As a reliable partner HA-CO therefore offers coupling solutions in perfection for medicinal robotics, laboratory technology, medical facilities, diagnostic devices etc.



Renewable energy

Hydropower, photovoltaics, wind power etc.

Railway- and automotive technology

In automotive engineerings and railway industries efficiency during transport and safety is absolutely a priority. Every component of the (rail-) vehicle must be designed so that maximum reliability is guaranteed. Thereby various factors have to be included such as harsh invironment, corrosive media, continious vibration and daily wear.