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Roller guide Slight

Linear guide Slight

Load value up to 150N

Several runners per system possible

Excellent smooth running

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Light roller guide

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  • linear guide with plastic rollers
  • load value up to 150N
  • aluminium profile, lengths up to 2,40 m
  • rails available with or without mounting holes
  • corrosion resistant
  • end stops available separately
  • several runners per System possible
  • excellent smooth running
  • customized sliders on demand


The Setting of the eccentric cam

The included special flat key is inserted from the side between the rail and the slider and plugged onto the hexagonal shaft of the eccentric pin to be adjusted. By turning the flat key clockwise, the eccentric roller is pressed against the upper raceway, thereby removing clearance and setting a correct preload.

During this process, absence of play is desired; avoid a setting a preload that is so high that it generates higher friction and reduces service life. Hold the roller pin with the adjustment key in the desired position and carefully tighten the fixing screw.

If you have any questions, our HA-CO team will be happy to advise you. Please contact us - We are looking forward to your inquiry!