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Dear customers and business partners,

The Corona virus confronts us with a constantly evolving situation and, therefore, it is a particular challenge for all of us.

We are constantly monitoring the situation very closely for the benefit of our customers and employees. Everyone’s health is a top priority.

In these difficult times, we want to assure you that the HA-CO companies are always open and operational.

We are here for you !

Maintaining our normal business activities remains our main concern given the safety of our employees.

Many preventive measures have been introduced throughout the company so that we can maintain production and distribution.

We have suffficient stocks and production capacities and can therefore generally meet your needs as best as possible.

All activities will continue with the usual service. Please contact your usual contact, ask us or call us on
+49 60 22 65 58 or by email info@ha-co.eu

We wish you and your family the best, particularly robust health, but also confidence and optimism.

Sincerely, your HA-CO team, Patrick Nauer

Girls Day 2020

Am Donnerstag, 26. März 2020, ist wieder Girls'Day! Wir machen mit!

Ein Tag extra für Mädchen, am 26.03.2020 können sie neue Berufe entdecken und ihre Fähigkeiten testen.
Am Girls'Day lernen die Kinder Berufe kennen, in denen bisher meist Männer arbeiten. Wir möchten ihnen die Chance geben, bei uns im Unternehmen in den Bereich Maschinenbau hinenizuschauen.

Wenn Sie ein Mädchen kennen, das Interesse hat, hier gibt es nähere Informationen: