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Patrick Nauer

Director, Key-Account-Manager

Werner Haudenschild

Owner, Engineering, Key-Account-Manager

About us

The HA-CO GmbH (formerly Hafner Maschinenbau GmbH) is a global manufacturing company for couplings, line shafts and custom-made special machines. Experienced and competent specialists use CNC precision machines and CAD techniques to respond quickly and accurately to customer requests. Under the brand name HA-CO we offer a variety of high quality couplings and connecting shafts.

For many years our name stands for precision, quality and flexibility. HA-CO is a company of HA-CO Motion AG - Proficiency in drive and linear motion technology!

Our service to your convenience:

    Standard products or specific solutions
    Technic support through our knowledge
  • SPEED:
    Available and effective thanks to our spacious deposit
  • SAFE:
    Quality is our standard
    Quality products for a good value


Manfred Berninger

Branch manager

Walter Hafner

Chief Technical Officer

Christopher Hofmann

Engineering & Technical Sales

Uwe Thorandt

Production Manager



Beat Schwizer

Sales manager

Andrea Schinz

Sales & Engineering

Petra Engart

Marketing, purchasing

Michaela Pölleth







Silviu Schirado

Sales Manager

Manuel Grimm

Sales telescopic rail and connection technology

Marion Reinhold

Logistics/Purchasing, Inside Sales

Erika Thomasberger

Accounting, Inside Sales, purchasing


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We are consulting, developing, producing and looking after products and systems in moving technology. We are focused on sustainable cooperation with our clients. Either we do have the right product for you, or we develop and produce it for you!

You provide your inputs and we deliver your product.

Take advantage of our engineering services, our engineers can be contaced at anytime.



Christopher Hofmann - c.hofmann ha-co.eu

Walter Hafner - w.hafner ha-co.eu



Silviu Schirado - s.schirado ha-co.eu

Manfred Berninger - m.berninger ha-co.eu


Next to our large sortiment of standard products, we are able to customize and develope solutions for you with our internal production.


Optimize your time and cost benefit! You are looking for a complete system solution?

With our own assembling we offer you all in one source!


Our specialists are executing reparations and maintenance works for you!


Standard products are available in our large stock, which gives us the chance to ensure fast delivery. For a framework contract we take the whole quantity on stock for fast delivery in urgent cases.

Our slogan: fast and flexible!


With pleasure we offer trainings for our clients. Either at our company or directly at your place. We are moving for our clients! 


Milestones of the company HA-CO GmbH

It all started in 1980 in a rented hall of 50 square metres as "Hafner Fertigungstechnik". At this time the main task was the manufacture of extremely complicated milled parts. Parallel to this, the company started to develop a range of couplings.

Since the beginning importance was attached to the most modern machines. Already in 1938 they worked with CAD softwares for construction and developmnet.

To cope with the growing demand on couplings in this year, a new production facility with 250 square metres was rented and the headcount was increased on eight employees.

A particular highlight in the company history was the lending of the "bavarian state price of excellent achievements" by Franz Josef Strauß in 1986.

In 1988 Walter Hafner bought an industrial site in the industrial area of Kleinwallstadt to start with the construction of a workshop with office building in 1990. In this context the sole proprietorship was converted into "Hafner Maschinenbau GmbH". After a short construction period, the 25 employees moved into the new premises one year later.

Unfortunately the unchecked upward trend of Hafner was suddenly curbed by the recessionary phase, espacially in machine tool industries. The headcount had to be reduced massively.

To be able to resist such fluctuations better in future, an comprehensive network of agents was successfully expanded in Germany and the neighbouring countries, also to settle down in other industry sectors.

As of 2000 the company Hafner could develop a new business area: The development, construction and production of special mounts for notebooks and displays of military facilities and vehicles. These developments standardly happen only in the 3D area. Therefore already in this time Hafner Maschinenbau had CAD stations in the 3D area.

Since a company succession from Walter Hafner by family members was excluded, the company was sold to "Haudenschild Houlding".