Milestones of the company HA-CO GmbH / Hafner Maschinenbau GmbH

Hafner Maschienenbau GmbH becomes HA-CO GmbH, it is a pure change of name. Form of business, employees, commercial register number, bank details etc. all remain unchanged.

Since a company succession of Walter Hafner by family members was excluded, the company was sold to Haudenschild Holding.

From the year 2000 the Hafner company was able to develop a new business field:
The development, construction and production of special holders for notebooks and displays for military installations and vehicles. It is standard that such developments only take place in the 3D area. Therefore Hafner Maschinenbau already had CAD stations in the 3D area from this time.

1988 / 1990 / 1991
In 1988 Walter Hafner bought an industrial property in the Kleinwallstadt industrial area and in 1990 he started the construction of a workshop with office building.
In this course the one-man business was transformed into the Hafner Maschinenbau GmbH.
After a short construction period the new business premises with 25 employees could be moved into in 1991.

Unfortunately, Hafner's unstoppable upward trend was abruptly slowed down by the recessionary phase, especially in the machine tool industry, and the number of employees had to be reduced massively.

In order to be better able to resist such fluctuations in the future, a nationwide network of representatives in Germany and neighboring countries was successfully expanded, also to gain a foothold in other branches of industry.

A highlight in the company history was undoubtedly the awarding of the Bavarian State Prize for outstanding achievements by Franz Josef Strauß in 1986.

Right from the start, great importance was attached to state-of-the-art machines. As early as 1983, CAD programs were used in design and development.

In order to meet the increasing demand for couplings, a new production facility with 250 sqm was rented and the number of employees increased to 8.

It all started in 1980 in a rented hall of 50 sqm as "Hafner Fertigungstechnik". The production of highly complicated milled parts was the main business at that time. At the same time the development of a coupling program was started.