Drive technology - Large selection of machine elements

In order for machine drives to function perfectly for many years, the right machine elements are required. It is not for nothing that we have listed top brands such as Winkel, Unimec, Woerner or Dreckshage, which complete our range.

In the area of gear technology, we rely on products from Unimec. Available are worm gear screw jacks and bevel gearboxes. Our worm gear screw jacks with trapezoidal thread can handle loads of up to 200 t and are self-locking, which means that no brakes or holding systems are required to support loads. In addition to standard models, custom designs are also available upon request.

An incredibly universal product with great popularity is our bevel gearbox. Available in nine sizes and countless styles, there is an option for every application. Low-noise operation is another advantage.

Technical rollers are basically available in various materials and designs, but our recommendation is clearly the Economic Roll from Dreckshage. It convinces with an anodized premium aluminum surface and a special geometry for high bending stiffness. The aesthetic appearance is a pleasant bonus.

Pillow block units are available from us at low prices and with short delivery times - you don't have to put up with waiting times and benefit from fast availability of our Linear bearings from GMT-Europe. 

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Lubrication / central lubrication systems
  • Wide range of products
  • From pumps to distribution systems
  • Everything from the leading manufacturer Woerner
Logistics systems
  • Wide range of different systems
  • From components to ready to use systems
  • Various designs and materials
Getriebe Spindelhubgetriebe Kegelradgetriebe HA-CO Transmissions Bevel gears Worm gears
  • Worm gear screw jack with trapezoidal thread
  • Polymer / stainless steel worm gear screw jacks
  • Various bevel gearboxes
Pedestal bearing
  • Identical in construction to well-known brands
  • Low cost and fast availability
  • Various designs and materials
Elastomer buffer / Elastomer springs
  • Elastomer buffers / elastomer springs
  • With visco-elastic liquid
  • No additional return mechanism required
Technical rollers
  • Most different materials
  • Beside standard products also customer specific
  • Many sizes

Gearboxes, rollers, logistics systems, Linear bearings and elastomer buffers available from HA-CO!