Accessories for telescopic slides, dampers & brackets

To simplify the assembly of telescopic slides, we offer various accessories. We have various mounting brackets for our lightweight telescopic rails on offer. These can be attached directly to the rail or also, for example, to the vehicle floor to ensure the fastening of the rail.

In addition, we have a retrofittable damping system EC25-0020, which you can attach to the carcass, thus enabling a self-closing mechanism even for undamped drawer slides (please note the specifications).

Further we have a locking lever system from Accuride. You can also combine this with various telescopic slides.

Please note before buying the assembly instructions or ask us.

Stainless steel bracket HAS63310
  • Stainless steel bracket for 5321, 3031, 2028, 2728 series rails
  • Options for floor / platform mounting
  • Easy mounting option
Individual damper system EC25-0020
  • Adaptable
  • Silent move (low noise)
  • simple, universal and reliable
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Broad and narrow cable management arms
  • 2 fixing holes used on each end of bracket is recommended
Locking handle kit HABHAND/HABHANL
  • Locking lever with pushbutton lock
  • Suitable for drawers up to 1.5 m wide
  • Centrally located push-button lock mechanism
Clip-on bracket 633xx
  • Clip-on bracket for rails of the 2109, 2132, 3732 and 3832 series
  • Options for floor / platform mounting
  • Quick mounting option
Fastening bracket 634xx
  • Fastening bracket set for 9301-E, 9308-E, 7957
  • Mounting options: 4 below and 2 on the side
  • Lateral neutral angles
Mounting bracket 635xx
  • Platform bracket set for 5321 and 5321EC
  • Mounting options: 4 below and 3 on the side
  • Fasteners included