New: recirculating ball bearing guide KUS

Our latest product introduction at the best price

Branded products are not always synonymous with good quality. We have made it our business to find the right solution for every budget and every application. Our wide range therefore consists of a combination of selected products from top manufacturers such as Rollon, Winkel or Accuride with cheaper no-name items.

Sometimes it pays to take a look behind the scenes. Our entire KUS series with its various runner types and sizes is manufactured in Asia under the same conditions as the production of leading brand manufacturers such as THK, Hiwin or Bosch Rexroth, so it can easily keep up in terms of performance, durability and construction.

General information about our new product

The recirculating ball bearing guide KUS consists of four recirculating ball bearing systems with an X arrangement in the slider, which ensures increased contact between the balls and the rail. It is made of ground, hardened steel that can withstand temperatures from -10 to 60°C and load capacities from 14.7 - 277.8 kN. Sizes 15 to 35 are currently available from stock.

What makes KUS so special?

What we love most about KUS is its extra quiet running characteristics. It is smoother than the average standard, yet has great stiffness. Precision class P is the standard, as it is for all HA-CO products. Compared to conventional products, this precision level is higher and testifies to optimal accuracy. 

Despite the affordable price range, we have not skimped on the material either. Our luxury detail, a high-quality dirt scraper with metal cover, reduces wear and thus increases the service life of the guide.

Also, a clear bonus is immediate availability. Our generous warehouse allows us to keep large quantities of goods ready for shipment. With current delivery delays of several months worldwide, this is an important factor.

All advantages at a glance

  • extremely smooth running
  • precision level P
  • high accuracy
  • high stiffness
  • fair price-performance ratio
  • long service life thanks to dirt wiper with metal cover
  • in stock → no waiting time

Design, places of application & assembly

Our ball bearing guides are used in a wide variety of applications. In mechanical engineering, it is often particularly important that machines are guided accurately and with high loads. KUS is suitable for this purpose.

Other application examples are automatic machines or testing machines with precise target guidance and/or high loads. Recirculating ball bearing guides are also used in medical technology, for example in blood analysis equipment, X-ray machines or hospital couches. The automation industry uses KUS for handling units, among other things.

Get professional advice!

Are you interested in one of our products, but require modifications such as additional drill holes or different rail lengths? The linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway system KUS can also be produced to order as a custom-made product. Contact us without obligation - we are happy to help! 
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We put the same trust in our partners and thus form the link from the customer to the producer. 

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